So... I typed a HUGE thing here and it kinda... poofed away. So let's cover it again.

Sorry I have been gone since around last October, my parents kicked me out, and I've been finding my way, meeting new people and also finally finding the comfort to come out of the closet about being transgender! So, as for sona, I no longer go by Ieaci, the wickerbeast, I now go by Nexii, the kobold.

I've continued to program, draw, write music, write stories, and now am able to do more circuitry than before as now that I don't have my parents looming over me, I can FINALLY collect the components and tools I needed to do some components. So far I've mostly made audio filters for analog audio synthesizers.

If you ever have any questions, comments, ideas, anything, please feel free to comment on anything I post or send me a private message!

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on 3 April 2020 at 22:53:50 MDT

So... I don't know if Journals here are like on FA, but I'll just assume so until I get yelled at.

Well, I've got plenty of old media to upload here, so I might as well do that. Most of my old projects are on my old HDD that I can't use unless I make some sort of janky 12 volt power supply for it, as I no longer have a desktop. So for the time being, my old art is kind of lost, and as far as I'm concerned, my old hard drives probably died in transit, as we hit some hard bumps on that bus.

I plan to keep this more updated than before and also do more production. I have some samples of recent music I have been working on for my boyfriend to finish up a bit more, then post demos here (When I finish the songs, I'll post the album art and links to each song on YouTube or BandCamp) I am also debating on making a BandCamp profile.

As for other things, I decided since I'm still a fledgling in art, and have the work ethic of an ear of corn, I'm not going to leave "accepting commissions" enabled as, well... odds are it probably would be a bit out of my comfort zone as I am now, although, there is a rather high chance I do requests as I need practice. Please note, this doesn't mean I WILL do a request, I am just hoping to do some.

So, notes on requests; for drawings, at the moment I mostly sketch. I can no longer do traditional cellshade as I lost all my colored pencils in the move, but I can do sketches. I can also do line art or digital coloring. I struggle with bodies and most species, as most of my experience lays in drawing landscapes at a pretty basic level.

As for music requests, keep it rather vague, as I am experimental in music and also can't make very specific things because I'm still learning. If you want to see an analog plugin built, tell me what to try to build and I'll see about it! I think that's about it for this journal... See ya later, my favorite cuties!

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I'm not the greatest, and I am still practicing, but I offer commissions on the cheap. I only accept payment after the work is done.


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