Reidion commission set by Nevask

Reidion commission set


25 December 2014 at 21:39:27 MST

Commissioned set of hands, arms sleeves, and tail, for Reidion.

This will probably be the last submission of the year, and an adventure of a commission it was to end the year! This commission has quite a story. Originally Reidion want to commission be back on october at FP for this set, but we agreed to wait a bit, so about a month later he commissioned me for them. I was waiting on the 3 inch white fur for the tail for a good 2 weeks alone. Then i found the dark grey fur, a super lucky find, problem was it was $75, per yard, ran it past him and he was owl with it. Ok cool, i order the fur (ordered it within 24 hours of the white and other furs too) 2 weeks goes by and i get all of my orders except the dark grey. Its now thanksgiving week and i message the shop that sold the grey to me in hopes they would get back to me after the holiday. Luckily the shop got a hold of me a day or so later (might have even been on thanksgiving) saying that they were sorry for the delay, that they were 1 yard short on my order, and hand to order more (i ordered 4 yards) that they literally they day before just received the fur all the way from France. A few days later i finally get the dark grey, and got right to work on the sleeves and paws. Ordered the claws and once i got them i get scheduled for my day job like crazy (thanks holidays :p) Although i was super fortunate that i was only at work for 2.5 hours, so i was able to finish this set last night, christmas eve. So i guess you can consider this a christmas gift! Its not only the last submission of the year, its also kinda in its own way a gift too! XD

Everything made by me, except for the claws they were made by DVC

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