Gorehund Menko Badge by Nettle

Gorehund Menko Badge


18 March 2015 at 11:30:38 MDT

For gorehund!

If you are interested, please private message or e-mail me at KettleofNettle[AT]gmail[DOT]com with the following information!

  1. Character reference(s) (I can include multiple characters on the same badge!)

  2. Background: simple (such as above), detailed, or flat colors/gradient

  3. Themes (Please provide at least three. More/better themes will mean a more unique final product for you! Feel free to include ANYTHING you can think of--including fandom references, hobbies, feelings, favorite things, etc. Kinks can be referenced to, but will remain tame.)

  4. Any other details/requests!

These are priced on a sliding scale, but will generally be between $30-$100. I can give you a quote or you can give me a price range to work with!
PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the composition and what is happening in the piece, your character(s) may be full-body or bust. If you have a preference, please let me know!

Submission Information

Visual / Digital


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    This looks so cool! I'm tempted to buy one haha x.x

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      Thank you so much! <3 If you'd like one, please feel free to private message/e-mail me! c:

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    WOA! This looks like a STICKER! super cool artwork!!! :D

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      Thank you very much!! I wonder if anyone will print theirs as a sticker sheet sometime~ That is a great idea!