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Hi, I'm Neotheta!
I am very passionated about art, and I constantly seek to improve.
I love felines, starry skies, glowy things and lightning~ ♥
My personality type is ENTP.

Icon by pollo-chan (FA)

Unfortunately I'm not active over here, check the links above for my latest works!

Latest Journal

Wohoo change of nickname!

Yay I finally got my nickname changed here aswell. I'm Neotheta now on DA, SF and here, on FA I have an alt account for redirecting too. Although I still don't think I'll be much active here, maybe I'll try again at some point .-.

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    I LOVE your artwork!
    I also think your profile pic is adorable! ^^

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    I would fave your whole gallery....
    but that would take me too long....
    consider it all faved :3

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    Hmm...I'm curious. Do you do commission work at all? I have been trying to figure out how a particular manifestation of a power a group of my characters have should look, and I'm not really that great with doing special effects. So I've been looking for another artist that might be willing to help me, even if it is in the form of a commission. I saw with some of the more recent stuff that you have done that you have some really cool special effects, and have some experience in painting them.

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      I do indeed do commissions, I've just yet to begin advertising them on weasyl since I'm not finished with uploading all the older artwork here yet (and I do still get slots easily filled in FA since I'm not capable of taking too many slots at this time)
      If you're alright with some waiting I'll be properly open for lots of commissions this summer - and I'll advertise them here over weasyl aswell :3c

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        Okay. I'll keep an eye open for them.