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Celtic Music Session/ Highland Bagpipes and Drums!

on 21 January 2018 at 11:58:55 MST

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far.

Just wanting to keep you all up to day with my current status.

Today I will be performing at my usual Celtic Music Session. For those of you who don't know or are just now watching my FA!
I play traditional Irish/Celtic music a two local pubs here in my town. Much like art. Music has a very special place in my heart. Sometimes I switch from art and music to help keep things from getting grey. Not that they really have. Just been my mood about my hobbies sometimes. ^w^; But so happy I never gave up on either!

So with that said I have today filled with preparing for my performances today. But I will be back to streaming, posting, and working on commissions the next day! :3 If I'm not too sore that is.~ I really get into my playing.

Oh! I should mention I play Drums and Bones! The specific drum I play is called a Bodhran (Bow-Ron).
An Irish hand drum made of various skins or material depending on the style and maker. Mine is a simple one that I modified to get a fuller sound. Very fun drum. I recommend looking up any videos and having a look for yourself. Who knows. Could be the drum for you!~ Was for me!

As for the Bones. Those go back all the way to Egypt. But have thankfully made their way through history. <3
So enough nerd talk from me!~

Thank you all so much again for your support and patience! <3
Much Love!

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    Thanks for the fave wave =)

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      You are very welcome! Loving your characters >w< hehe <3

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    Thanks for adding for friendship bro!

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    Thank you so much for following me ~<3 I miss your cutie floof!

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    Yooo! Youre alive!? Howve you been my friend!

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      Yes. x3 It's good to see you. hugs ^w^

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        bear hugs

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