Mothers Love by Neomi

Mothers Love


5 March 2018 at 15:20:16 MST

My baby is now month and two days old <3<3

I love him SO much, each day is amazing and hard same time with him. There is so much things going on my head and same time nothing goes my head cos im so tired.

Im so tired and lost of time and dates that no idea. Part of me wants just sleep SO much but other part is like cant get sleep, even i go in bed i just cant get myself fall sleep or i sleep so light sleep that it really dont bring me any rest.

I keep strugling, but thankfully my amazing husband ashnar ashnar is there next to me, helping the thru on hard spot and his mother comes over now and then during days when he is at work.

With their help i can get 3+ hours sleep or try sleep now and then, so i wont go totally crazy or my after delivery depression aka baby blues wont get me with full blown.

Yes im diagnosed with severe depression, with panic attack, night terror stuff and all that "fun" jazz.. Im getting help, im having support but it still awfull and each day is struggle. moments when he is sleeping all clean, satisfied and giving me his cutest smile..i feel i can do this. Im good mother for my baby, we pull this thru ;3;

This is very personal please no rude comments ect.

All art copyright mine. character belongs to me DO NOT STEAL. trace, color ect

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