Kitsune Adopts - OPEN!! FLAT PRICE! by Neomi

Kitsune Adopts - OPEN!! FLAT PRICE!


13 August 2017 at 04:51:30 MDT

I made cuute lil kitsunes and now thease babies are looking for home!

They are all 8 us dollars a pop, or 15 you get custom one where YOU choose your color palette!.

Paypal payment only, i shall invoice you!

Comment below with letter you wish to have!

A. - SOLD - DonAsTray in FA

B. - Open -

C. - Open -

D. - SOLD - Hoagiebot

E. - Open -

F. - SOLD - DonAsTray in FA

G. - Open -

H. - Open -

I. - Open -

J. - SOLD - esmerine in FA

K. - SOLD - HoneyPup in FA

L. - Open -

M. - Open -

N. - SOLD - Allester in FA

O. - SOLD - Allester in FA

P. - Open -

After payment she is all yours, you are free to chance her sex, give her hair ect. You CAN re-sell her/trade her.

But please, if you just sell this image, sell it with same price you bought. Free ask what ever you want if you get more art from it :3

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    They look very cute!!! I like L the best, but unfortunately I can't pay to adopt it right now!

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      Dont worry i keep them up as long there is any left , so you have basicly time to save money!