Calcatrix Charm Seller by NeoGeen

Calcatrix Charm Seller


27 January 2014 at 11:45:59 MST

A calcatrix individual specializing in fortunes and charms.

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    I love the colors on this! And the crow-like face. |D

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    I LOVE the design!

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    I love this stylization you've got going on. SO much.

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    CS:You come buy charms,many good luck bracelets and trinkets.

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      YOU MAY DRAW ONE! (The only "character" one is Demetrius! The rest are definitely of the random NPC variety.)

      I want to get a design check-list/visual up, but I'm not sure how fast I can do that at the moment. Would you like a simple check-list?

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        Ooh. Yes plz!

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          Let's see how badly I mangle this from "short list" to "too many words!".

          I use real world birds as a base, any species goes (fantasy colors also okay). Reptile half can be based off snake, lizard, or bird coloration. I haven't played with types of beaks yet, but different niches are allows (dabbling beaks, seed eaters, etc).

          Bird parts: Head, wings, legs, upper chest (feathered). Belly scutes start at the bottom of the sternum but do not overlap the ribcage. Ribcage should be feathered. Back scales start between the shoulder blades. (Back scutes:

          The tail doesn't sprout above the butt like an anthro, but continues in a single line from torso to hips, more like a lizard.

          And something I haven't drawn: All calcatrix are venomous, harboring thin hinged fangs along the roof of the upper beak (front fanged, not rear). These are used as a last resort as the people find them a barbaric trait from an ancient past. (Calcatrix venom is a sought after illegal substance).

          I think that is about it? They fill all niches of the fantasy world and take on a bunch of different jobs.

          Let me know if you have any questions. Or if I drowned you in words. (And if you end up drawing one!)

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    I love your bird guys so much

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    This is a really interesting design! I love the tags.