MOTH BUTT by NeoGeen



21 December 2013 at 09:49:30 MST

Still trying to figure out that moth wyvern critter. Based off of the pellucid hawkmoth. I tried to give it a more mothy tail here, but it looks like rainbow tempura shrimp.

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    wow looks like a cross between an owl bear and a moth haha cool!

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    Still love this critter (and his grumpy expression).

    Maybe the issue with the tail is the way it's curling? Moths have big asses and you'd expect it to hang, so seeing it curve upwards might be putting it at odds with everything else.

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      (Old replying!) I believe you are correct! Originally I drew the critter with a pretty standard tapering dragon/lizard tail, but I think the actual pellucid moth has too good of one to not try some attempts. Next time I have a go at this dragon I'll give a shot at some more mothy tails without the wyvern/dragon addition. More of the hanging abdomen thing?

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        Can't hurt to give it a try, absolutely.

        It might be a late reply, but it gives me a chance to look at this guy again. He's still pretty awesome.

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    ...Neo is what Neo eats? =^.^=

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    AHhhhh still one of my favorite creations of yours even if undecided on!

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      I think I just need to draw it a billion more times until I'm happy with its stupid butt. 8D

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        I LOVE IT'S BUTT.

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    I love this! The colors are great and I love the hummingbird moth (shrimp) tail. |D