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I Have to Make some Changes...

Hey everyone, Neme here.

So once again Patreon screwed me this month, giving me a 1/3 of what is posted on my page. and due some issue with my current place I owe them $770.86 I don’t have that. and right now and they’ve given me 5 days notice.

This has been happening at an alarming rate lately and what’s worse with no car My job options are severely limited (i.e. below minimum wage at Walmart).

I’ve been looking at how things have been and looking at ways to improve them because at the rate things are going, I’m basically going to be stuck inthis rut forever.

I can’t let that happen…

At this point I desperately need a change (I’m still working Patreon Commissions from months ago).


-When I first got Patreon about a year ago, I thought it was the best way to earn money. So I focused all my energy into making it work, leaving my gallery work to wither. If You’ve noticed, my FA, DA, and Weasyl accounts have pretty much gone by the wayside. This is because I was focusing so much on Patreon. The sad thing is Patreon eventually became a self depreciating option. As I fell behind on rewards I produced less content for it as well. Couple that with Patreon staff ironing out the kinks of their own website, it added up to a mess. These days I have a lot of people Dodging pay on Patreon leading to these huge gaps in the page says I’m getting paid, and what I’m actually getting paid.

So after thinking about this for the past 3 months I have decided to Change Patreon to focus solely on Room351. “What does this mean?” Well what it means is Patreon will be fir those who want to support the comic. I will produce pages, character pieces, concept art, streams, and everything else in between. Patrons will get to see these things first and I will post them in my galleries over time. the streams will be edited and posted on my Youtube.

As for the comic itself I’m not comfortable with doing one page a week simply because the pacing is just ruined and it’s easy for potential readers to loose interest. In order to combat that I will try to produce “chapters” Where a whole sequence will play out. While these won’t be on a weekly basis they will be frequent enough.

So I’m still keeping Patreon,I’m just focusing it more and also changing it so it feeds my savings rather than my wallet.


I will start using Picarto in order to touch base with everyone and potentially attract new fans.


Like so many other people out there I want to give game streaming a try. As I said before this will be light and there for me to touch base and keep in contact with fans and friends alike. As it is I don’t have the funds to do full on console streaming so at first it will be light PC stuff (whatever my comp can handle) but I hope to eventually make it so people can just hang out.

All income from of the above will go to my savings

Overall Content

Now. I’m getting back into posting things in my respective galleries. I miss posting and honestly feel like I’ve lost something by not talking in the comments sections. I like talking will everyone and hopefully I can get back to where I was.

As for my main source of income I will prioritize Commissions and Sets.

So what about the rent?

Well right now I need the money, so I’m going to have to do put everything on hold and do Emergency Commissions again. Unfortunately this time I will only be able to do $20 inks and i will do a stream later tonight so these once don’t add to the load I currently have.

I’m sorry everyone. but it’s the only thing I know how to do.

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    ahh~! thank for the watch~! Love your art :D

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      No Problem it was fun drawing your character!~

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    Thanks for the fav

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    Hey, thanks for the watch. It's greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoy what I post up here. =3

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    Yo! nice to see ya here!

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    I am here as well!

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