Look Forward by nekophoenix

Look Forward


9 November 2012 at 05:01:22 MST

Hello Weasyl!Might as well start th'ball rolling!

This here is the massive traditional piece I've been working on for a while :3 It's a commission for Meizakat(on FA and dA) and has just the loveliest story so I had the best time working on it <3!

It's made from 2 pictures, both A4, and in it's most basic description it's a theme depicting loneliness, with the book and it's colourful fantasy tales being an escape, rushing towards the idea of hope for the future. I was told I could go as free or as detailed as I wanted, so, you can imagine which one I went with.

I'm disappointed with the scan, but I almost always am. Meizakat can be the judge when they receive it, but the shading in some places is not quite so harsh in reality (especially on oranges and reds. Scanners seem to hate orange and red!)

I do hope you like the outcome of this :3

Promarkers, Karisma Pencils on card.

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Visual / Traditional


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    This is fantastic! Not only are the colors vivid and beautiful but the tones in the grey are just fantastic.

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      Oh, my, thank you :D! I'm so happy that you like this :3 Oddly enough, as much as I adore colour, the grey parts were some of my favourite bits to do :3

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    And here too!

    You really have no idea how happy I am with this, and how happy I am that you like how it turned out too. I enjoy the fact that you find pride in the piece I commissioned, as you should, as this is truly amazing and really shows your crazy amount of skill. It really is beautiful, even scanned.

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      I still look to this as a sort of step up in my game - your idea was so beautiful, I'm honoured you chose me for it <3