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Sania Broom Star Night 1 by Nekomarunosuke

Sania Broom Star Night 1


I draw my cat witch character Sania flying on the broom and star night background, and I draw this art in the end of 2020. in that year I receive the comments on my very old arts and I notice the old arts have many good thing and I try to use the old way on this art. on this art, the sketch is drawn in around 2004 and I remember why I put the sketch aside, in that time I don't have enough knowledge and experiences on drawing the white color and I hesitate to draw this character and for many years the sketch is forgotten. now I can use the white color well, I draw this character many times and she just tell me how to use the white color well. on this art, her white fur become good, on her red robe I use the old way and it turn out decent, on the background I use the relatively new way and it become great, on the broom I feel the deep yellow is still hard, I'm really content with the outcome.

this is the another cat witch character Nemu flying on the broom[Link].

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