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I'm Nekomarunosuke, the traditional anthro artist and my main tool is the colored pencil. I sometimes draw my favorite characters. lately I think to use the different sites to show my artworks. so far the background color on the other sites have pale color and it fit with my pale color depth, and on this place I notice my colored pencil arts looks bright and noticeable. I've used the watercolor and the CG tools, but in recent years I only use the colored pencils, but sometimes I show my old watercolor arts.

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The Linux and fast internet

I've used the windows PC for many years and I enjoy using it, and I keep on using the same old PC. but in last year I notice on some websites don't accept the old Firefox and then I use sub Linux PC, in that time the windows PC is still my main PC. but about 3 months ago the old PC display have bad mood and it can't show the blue color and the color become really strange. I have other old PC display but I decide to use the Linux PC as main PC, I learn the Linux and customize to use, and nowadays some of the windows software can run on Linux PC via the Wine system, and now I can create Winamp skins on Linux PC. so now I don't touch the windows PC much, I only use it when I scan the arts, and take a screenshot of the Winamp skins.

and lately the internet become fast in my environment. before I use the narrow ADSL on internet and it's not fast. I mainly use for the text and art sites and it's not bothering much, but it's hard on download and update the Linux system. now the everything is far faster and I can see more arts with less time, I want to be more active on art sites.

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