Griffon Being His Usual Self by Neinna-Maranwe

Griffon Being His Usual Self


23 January 2019 at 16:46:36 MST

I love drawing my grumpy birbcat. Started as a doodle of Salamander standing with his arms crossed, but I couldn't find a good enough reason, so I just modified the sketch and lined it as Grif instead. The sleeping pose was drawn last second to fill space, so I'm surprised it turned out coherent with little effort. Above that is him being unable to properly respond to sudden affection, him as a human with a scar over the face that lines up with his cere, and a reference image for how his fur and feathers compare. The fur was something I've been meaning to explain visually for a little while - his eagle half SHOULD have feathers, but that's also where the lion mane would be, and I'm better at drawing fur than feathers. SO, I made it strands of fur attached to a soft quill of sorts. It's coarse in texture and just feels like dense, somewhat bristly fur. His lion fur and feathers are normal.

The flag patch on his uniform is that flag I'm working on for the nation he's currently in.

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