Dr Clarence Mordrid by Neinna-Maranwe

Dr Clarence Mordrid


19 August 2018 at 21:26:06 MDT

So a little while ago I decided that instead of Midnight having an alternate outfit, I'd just do something else with my real world costume. I figured, hey, why not make it a different persona for myself?

This is now Clarence Mordrid, cleanser of peasants, RenFest fanatic, possible tooth collector. He acts how I do in costume- holds his head high, is positive and proud, and has a lot of confidence in his stride. He's polite, not too chatty, passionate about his work, and eager to meet other doctors. He spends a lot of time sampling incense and scented oils and, like Midnight, smells like potpourri and deep, earthy scents. Think like dark red dried stuff.

I drew this after getting back from Michigan's 2018 Renaissance Festival and it was a blast! Way too hot to wear the mask much of the day, but it was still a lot of fun. The smell of leather, dragon's blood scent oil, and dried herbs is strong in my mind right now. I finally got a real pouch (was using a not-that-great silky black bag that hung waaaaay too low) and finally a cane! It's got a dark reddish oaky finish and looks hella nice. There was a necklace I tied to my wrist that surprisingly didn't get in the way and I attached it to the handle and I will probably have to shorten the cord.

The costume as it is now:
-Black and red cloak with gold clasp
-Black shirt with modified, long, billowy sleeves that go to about my last finger joints
-Black kinda baggy pants
-Black tennis shoes
-Thin, wrist-length black gloves
-Balaclava to hide my neck and hair
-Red braided cord belt tied around my waist
-Folding cloth fan looped on belt
-Black and red fox tail looped on belt
-Black and red drawstring pouch looped on belt
-Plastic tube flask with leather holder around neck
-Red wooden cane
-Silver dragon claw and red glass orb necklace tied around cane handle
-White faux leather plague doctor mask

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