Echo the (kind of dead) House Cat by Neinna-Maranwe

Echo the (kind of dead) House Cat


22 June 2018 at 16:17:27 MDT

Would this need to be flagged as mature in any way? Yes he's technically a dead animal, but he's also walking around and active and not just a corpse on the floor. Also, there's no blood, just exposed bone.

Been working on a new furry thing. He's a reanimated/undead cat named Echo, who Midnight City was able to bring back. Haven't yet figured out what happened to the poor cat, might work on his background more later on. Not sure on his measurements yet, but I'm thinking he's about 5 feet tall and very underweight due to most of his organs no longer being there. He was probably in the ground for quite a while and it's made his fur kinda gross, but a lot of the rot and dirt washed off.

Sometimes when he gets lonely, he wanders around making this hellish yowling noise. Most of his noises sound like something a dead animal would make in a horror movie, but he means no harm. He's curious, friendly, and not too smart. Being mostly blind and deaf, bright lights and loud noises are easy for him to notice and he'll mostly just sorta meander over to see what they are, meowing and calling to them. His favorite noises are slamming doors and violins, his favorite lights being rapidly flashing colored ones. He's able to find people somehow, possibly smelling them, although maybe he picked up a few things from his time on the other side. The ring on his tail keeps him going, and removing it turns him into a regular ol' corpse. When it's placed back on him, he wakes up as if from a deep sleep, often confused and very groggy. He has a habit of staring at people with his blank, unseeing dead eyes as well as just sitting motionless for sometimes hours at a time. Echo's a weird guy, but he doesn't mean any harm. He can't talk, or at least not yet, but he's a good listener as long as you shout loud enough for him to hear.

Midnight acts as his owner and caregiver, although he doesn't need much more than a watchful eye to keep him out of traffic. The light smell of potpourri covers up the fact that Midnight smells like a dog, and Echo either hasn't noticed or doesn't mind him.

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