Only the finest! by Neinna-Maranwe

Only the finest!


14 June 2018 at 02:33:09 MDT

Midnight's a good doctor and offers good services to dying people.

Alright, so he might be a little behind the times, medically speaking. He tries though.

So yeah, the fake calligraphy took me forever. I enjoyed it anyway. Emotive goggles/eye holes are neat and literally my only option. Also, I've been meaning to draw Midnight in his full doctor garb for a while. Also, I've been binging Netflix horror movies. Most are not any I've heard advertised anywhere at all, a lot are not great, but still enjoyable, and I've watched like 5 today while drawing various things. Lastly, I like that shading style cuz it's quick and easy, yet still looks decent. It's cool to turn off all the layers but that one, and you can still see what the image is supposed to be.

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    The calligraphy looks awesome!!!! I really love the the "Only" and "my" letters, so cool!!!

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      Thanks! I kinda wanna make Midnight a font as his hand writing. I know there's a program or something that you can use and fill in boxes with hand written letters and it makes a font, but I can't recall what it is.