Salamander and Skullamander outfit/human updated by Neinna-Maranwe

Salamander and Skullamander outfit/human updated


6 June 2018 at 15:30:57 MDT

My precious dragon jerks. Been meaning to update their outfits for a while now, finally got the motivation. I was thinking about spiking their hair slightly and adding a red or blue tint to the tips, but decided against it. They're fairly generic, and that's alright with me.

Loud, proud, chaotic pyromancers. Salamander is from this reality, whereas Skullamander is from a nearly identical other world. There was a malfunction with a work-in-progress teleporter that sent him here. He and Sala are hard to tell apart, both physically (the only major differences being Sala's scar and hair color) and as far as personality goes. Many people get them confused and they go along with it for their own enjoyment. They've claimed to be twins, cousins, clones, not related and just similar looking, and the same person. To keep themselves busy, Sala and Skulla work with machines, vehicles, and weaponry, tinkering and modifying designs and making repairs. Skulla (and formerly Sala) is my Steam identity, so it makes sense that they'd know how to rig weapons together, seeing how homemade the pyro shit in TF2 looks. These two are very fierce when attack and defending, going from friendly with allies to being ruthless with opposing forces. Like Griffon, they used to be mercs during the resource war (still writing it, no real major details yet) but are now loyal only to the Kingdoms.

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