Griffon outfit/human updated by Neinna-Maranwe

Griffon outfit/human updated


6 June 2018 at 15:30:45 MDT

Humans are really hard to draw for me. I don't really have any good drawings of Griffon as a human and I wanted to redo some outfits anyway, so this happened.

Griffon doesn't really smile, doesn't have much of a sense of humor, and stays to himself most of the time. He frequently goes on long hunting trips in the mountain woods which can last for a couple months. Most of the time, he's in gryphon form, which is why people call him Griffon. He has a regular name that he was born with, but he no longer answers to it and only says that his name is Griffon now. Specialty is aeromancy and control of wind. While he does have a good amount of physical strength, he mostly uses stealth and ambush hunting to take down prey, primarily consisting of deer, elk, and smaller targets like rabbits and wildfowl. in WoW, I used to have a fistweaver monk and currently have a surv hunter modeled after him. He has a few ear piercings, but never really wears anything in them. The scar over his face is roughly where his cere is in the other form, but it's a coincidence that he got slashed like that. The small scar on his neck was kind of a minor incident and doesn't have a story. He used to be a mercenary during a war I'm still working on, but now he's loyal to the Kingdoms.

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