Wild Angels by Neinna-Maranwe

Wild Angels


16 September 2015 at 15:30:21 MDT

First thing I've completed since I joined Twitter. Don't know how to use that site, doubt I'll do much there, but hey, now I got one.

Shadowhowls the shadow priest and Sacredhowls the disc priest. I haven't actually made him in WoW, but he's there in spirit. Not really sure on what their backgrounds together are, but she's a psychic vampire (like all WoW shadow priests) and he's a healer. They have some traits that are polar opposites, such as what spells they use, obviously, and fur color, but they act very much the same, have the same eyes, and both use Dominate Mind. They also possess the ability to either mind-control one another (with permission) or share sight, linking them.
Shad is typically more reserved, stays quiet, and watches people around her from a distance. Sacred is more involved with those near him, although sometimes can sound as condescending as a dark caster (I image most locks and SPs are a bit evil and make no effort to hide any negatives).

Edit- Reuploaded with a couple fixed (added proper eyeshadow to Shad, made some of her lines more visible (mouth, jaw))

My worgen shadow priest Shadowhowls and her discipline companion, Sacredhowls. I always loved the wings they get from Archangel procs, hers look so good in shadowform!

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