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The First Age & The Fall Of The Titans by Ndro (critique requested)

It was in the first age that the Earth Goddess and her brother the Sun created the world. From star lined sky to the depths of the great ocean they lovingly created all we know, spreading glow of life across the land. They created the plants and the beasts to each fulfill the specific tasks assigned to them, and they placed the Guardian On The Moon high above all to control the seas so the will of the gods could be enacted. And for a time, all was serene and tranquil in the world.

But the gods grew bored simply observing their creation, and the Earth Goddess decided to grant one of the myriad beasts a fraction of her power. Thus the Titans were created, and in the beginning they were in reverence of the gods like all things, and in their reverence they spread to all corners of creation. Unlike the beasts they had been elevated above, they could adapt to their surroundings, making them superior hunters and fighters.

However the gifts they received made them arrogant. Soon rather than adapt themselves they changed the lands which they had settled in, in defiance of the gods. The forests which once covered the land were raised to make way for the vast Silver Cities.

Soon they used their gifts to defy nature, and even the gods themselves. Behind the walls of their cities there were suns created from lighting, heat from deep in the earth and devices that flew without wings. Soon they had the ability to reach into the heavens, to commune with the Guardian On The Moon himself. Yet still they claimed to abide by the rules set down by their creator many aeons ago.

All things, however, eventually change. The arrogance of the Titans grew as time passed, and they began to see themselves as better than the gods. Finally they decided to prove their might by stealing the very gift of creation. Using their powerful magics they selected the beasts that had properties they admired and elevated them much in the manner they had been, creating our ancestors, the Tribals.

Each tribe was used by the Titans to perform tasks they deemed beneath them: some protected the Silver Cities, some toiled in the workshops that created the artificial magics, some were tasked with reforming the landscape. The Titans were not caring creators, treating the Tribals as mere slaves and subjecting them to the worst possible conditions. Even those who were created to be loyal companions were treated little better than the beasts they were created from.

The cycle of disrespect and abuse did not escape notice of the gods, who saw it as the final outrage. They turned their backs upon the Titans and ceased to listen to the pleas of even those who had remained loyal. The Sun God, always quicker with his tempers, sent great heat to blight the land. As the years passed  crops failed and the edges of what forests remained were consumed by deserts. To the extreme ends of the world, great plains of ice were melted down to give the Guardian On The Moon the ability to flood the Silver Cities, drowning millions of Titans in punishment.

Despite the Sun God's vengeance, the Titans remained defiant. If anything the attempted retribution strengthened their resolve, and spurred them to greater acts of depravity. Upon seeing this, the Earth Goddess despaired. The Titans had been her finest creations, and to see them turn against her almost destroyed her. It was then she noticed the Tribals. Being so abused by their creators, the Tribals tried to find solace wherever they could.

It was here the Earth Goddess saw her chance, she answered the desperate calls of the Tribals. In her infinite wisdom she began to sow seeds of discontent and rebellion among those who sought guidance. In time the Tribals rose up and brought war to the Silver Cities, bringing the wrath of the gods to their ungrateful creations.

The Titans did not take such defiance lightly. They used the magics they had stolen to defend themselves, calling down artificial suns to scour their homes clean. But the Tribals were not defenceless, the Titans had once tasked them with maintaining their homes so they could respond to magic with fire and stone.

The war was long and bloody, claiming many thousands on both sides, but eventually the Titans relented. Though beaten, they still refused to act as the gods demanded and banished the Tribals from their cities, never again to see their creators. Rather than see this as punishment, the Tribals welcomed it. They left the Silver Cities and made their own way in the world, free from the wrath of their creators.

As they watched their creations enter exile, the Titans once again plotted to defy the gods. But this time, the gods refused to suffer further outrage. Unleashing the full power of her fury, the Earth Goddess sent earthquakes and fire, shocking even the Sun God with her wrath. The Silver Cities crumbled and yet still the Titans scream defiance against the skies.

Finally, after all else failed, the Earth Goddess sent the most terrible form of retribution, the wasting plague. Silently it spread amongst the Titans, causing them intense agony as their bodies turned against them, killing them in scores. None of their stolen magic could help them, and any attempt to cure it made it worse, such was the anger of the gods.

The Tribals saw the suffering of their creators and decided to show compassion. Those who lived near the Silver Cities offered aid, but in their arrogance, the Titans turned them away. Even suffering as much as they were, their arrogance refused to believe their rebellious creations were capable of helping. This arrogance was to be their downfall.

As the Guardian of the Moon made his progress across the nights skies, the Titans dwindled to just a handful. Fearing the inevitable they repented, throwing themselves upon the Earth Goddess' mercy, but she refused to listen. Their sins were so great it had destroyed whatever trust their creator, leaving them alone and scared. And as sure as the Sun God rises at dawn, the Titans eventually passed from this world.

As she heard of the death of her creations, the Earth Goddess mourned. For all she was angered by them, they still remained the pinnacle of her beasts, and the betrayal distressed her greatly. The land reflected it's Goddess, and soon a great winter settled upon the  world. Fearing that they too had displeased the Earth Goddess, the Tribals fled the ruins of the Titan's world and abandoned their magic and technology in favour of the forests beginning to reclaim the world.

As the first age drew to a close, the Tribals were clinging to existence out in the Great Forests. It was not until almost a hundred solstices before the Earth Goddess rose from here depression. At first she removed herself, limiting her self to just observing, but then she saw how devout the Tribals could be. Even as it seemed all was lost, they still remained faithful that one day the gods would return.

This courage in the face of adversity warmed the heart of the Earth Goddess, and she came before the Tribals to thank them, and took upon herself to care for them much as she did for the Titans so many moons ago. And as the Second Age dawned, our ancestors reaped the benefits a new world protected by a benevolent Goddess, never to forget the mistakes that had destroyed their true creators.

The First Age & The Fall Of The Titans (critique requested)


28 October 2012 at 12:51:59 MDT

This piece was my attempt at writing in the style of a creation myth, and was something of an experiment after a creative dry spell. Not 100% sure it worked, but seemed apt as a first upload here.

C&C more than Welcome

This piece is covered by a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. (CC)2012 Dom Barlow, Some Rights Reserved.

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