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About ND0308

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, and Welcome to My Account ND0308. I know Friends and Current Watchers Know me, New Watchers this is The Artist of this Account and I would like to talk to you about something’s. Here are the Topics I feel like discussing with you Current and new Watchers. About myself, Username Confusion, Websites you can find me on.

About Myself:

Just like give you guys and gals’ brief information about myself:

Hello my name is Neo, Preferred name is Stylez. On the 10th of June I’ll become and old ass man XD (Turning: 24 June 10th) I’m just your Average guy, I am a very Kind person, but mostly alone wolf. I do have Some Friends but like keep list Small, I mostly keep things to myself. I enjoy drawing images and would like to become an Awesome Artist as you seen on this website. I am Alive on these sites Just hardly Draw because Job, College, and some mental Stuff. Yeah I tend to Procrastinating, I have A.D.D (Attention Deficit Disorder), Perfectionist and I’m just a lazy ass. I have an Associate’s Degree in Networking and trying getting my Associates in Web Design as well.

The Name Confusion:

I noticed a lot of people are confused on what to call me when it comes to my names.

Artwork Username
: ND0308 (Short for: NeoDeon0308)

Details: I use the name represent me as Artist of my images. Both names are from me and the 4 Digits at the end means something else. I won’t go into Details about it, it just means a lot to me.

Username: Styles0308

Details: I use this name for other Places besides Art related some times. But I enjoy the name a lot Even before I given it to my character.

My Mascot or Fursona: Neo **(Last name: **Stylez)

Websites you can find me on:

(Clean and Mature) **

**Deviant Art:


(I would like to Apologize to you guys for giving you the wrong link to my account)


(work in progress trying Settle everything)

(Mature and Adults)

Fur Affinity:

Ink Bunny:

Weasyl :

Well ladies and gentlemen this I have to say. I know not to many people are reading this but I just want to inform you Guys and Gals. Tell Next Journal Everyone keep it real and thanks for reading.

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    Hey dude, thank you kindly for the Watch ♥

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    nice work man,also i accidentally sent you a friend request instead of just follow,don't mind the request when you see it,my mouse went out of control ^^; i tried to cancel it but i messed up