Goldeen Gijinka by Nattles

Goldeen Gijinka


27 May 2014 at 20:18:50 MDT

My take on a Goldeen Gijinka (do mermaids count as gijinka? I don't really understand the term lol.)

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    Hey you made one! its so pretty -

    Ha ha no Mermaids aren't really Gijinka's. A Gijinka is basically a humanoid version of an animal but without becoming animal like. You can think of it as a person cosplaying as a pokemon and trying to keep all its main features to remain recognizable. When a human gains animal characteristics it is more often considered a fusion creature which is basically what Anthro characters are. A fusion between a human and animal and its up to you which characteristics are mo dominant.

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      That makes sense--I have a pretty loose understanding of the term. Most of my other gijinka ideas are more human, but in my head a mermaid is already basically a human with a fish tail lol.

      Thanks for the explanation! The internet wasn't actually as helpful when I googled it lol.

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        your welcome, I know what you mean about the mermaid, I find its basically a creature on its own. Either way its beautiful :)

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          Thanks! I'm glad you like it! You inspired me to make one, after all :D