--Flayed-- Speculative Werewolf Anatomy Study by Nashoba Hostina

--Flayed-- Speculative Werewolf Anatomy Study

Nashoba Hostina

12 February 2014 at 19:49:47 MST

I swear to god, I need to post something other than a werewolf. Just for some reason lately, everything I draw just… doesn’t seem to work, unless it’s a werewolf. (Not looking for suggestions, by the way... I have plenty og things I want to draw, just, they aren't turning out so well.)Anyway, this started out as a simple speculative anatomy study, but it kind of got out of hand. Sometimes pieces just run off and take you along for the ride. I actually did this because, since so much of my time is spent trying to get an Eldritch page done every week, I oftentimes feel that I’m lacking in long-term endeavors and serious artistic study.

Regardless, it seems that in the case of this particular werewolf, the folkloric notion of being able to simply remove a wolfskin pelt and return to human form isn’t going to work. Oh well, sucks to be him.


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    Owch. Looks like that poor wolf got "skinned".

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      Yep. Thankfully, werewolves are pretty tough.