Lycanthrope Case by Nashoba Hostina

Lycanthrope Case

Nashoba Hostina

12 February 2014 at 19:44:06 MST

This is the Provenance provided at The Steampunk Empire Symposium 2013 when this case was displayed in their curiosities exhibit:

To whom it may concern;

Hello, good sir or madam. It seems that you’ve decided to have a look at my Lycanthropology Case, and I do appreciate you taking the time to do so. Lycanthropology, that is, the study of werewolves, is a very specific subclass of Monstrumology, which in turn is a particular category within the broader field of Cryptozoology. While I happen to be a professor of all three of these subjects, universities often prefer to favor chemistry or engineering over these important sciences, and I often find myself in need of employment elsewhere. As a result, I found that I needed to make sure that my notes, tools and specimens are ready to transport at a moment’s notice, yet easy to display and have at the ready. For this reason, I began building elaborate cases such as the one you see here for my various areas of expertise. Naturally, a case concerning lycanthropological specimens came first.

Of course, having contracted lycanthropy myself when I was merely a young girl on the way to visit my grandmother, well, that often has something to do with my dismissal as well. Many are terribly prejudiced against werewolves, you see, even those who are rather well domesticated such as myself. I first began collecting specimens and artifacts regarding werewolves and the like in my desperate search for a cure to my ailment, however, while I’ve uncovered many supposed cures, all have failed. Many of them include grueling, bloody rituals, while other, simpler cures, such as calling a werewolf by his or her Christian name or hitting him or her with an article of clothing, seem completely ineffective. I even tried learning about the various means of acquiring lycanthropy in hopes of learning how to reverse the process, but to no avail. In the meantime, however, I’ve learned to cope with my condition, through the use of various remedies and concoctions of my own making, such as my lycanthropic suppressant. Truth is, having lycanthropy isn’t all that bad, and has many perks… That is if, and only if the unfortunate soul who has contracted the disease treats his or her condition properly.

Please feel free to look at the case, but do not touch. Many of the specimens are extremely fragile, and have long stories behind them… For instance, the mummified werewolf finger was liberated from a church that had intended on burning it. Another item, what seems to be merely a charred stick, is actually wood taken from the funeral pyre of Peter Stump, one of the most notorious werewolves to have ever lived. Many of these items were gathered from around the world… For instance, the irrinja fang came from Australia, with their own unique breed of lycanthrope; the claw from the beast of Gevudan is from France’s most infamous loup garou, and the wawkalak bones were acquired from Russia’s species of lycanthrope.

In addition, some of the other items of note are, well… shall we say, hazardous. It would be an awful shame if something terrible were to happen to you, of course, so for your own safety, it is best to leave these items alone. However, if you are curious about the case’s contents and their significance, please see the Inventory for a list of some of the curiosities held within.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Professor Diana Holt

I'll probably add to this later today... four in the morning is not a smart time to be posting, but anyway, here's the project I've been working on for my steampunk costume: My How to be a Werewolf Kit! Okay, okay, it's more of a specimen kit, but still...

Those of you who had seen the “From the Desk of Seamus Theiss” Project probably saw this coming…

More information on what’s inside may be found in these (Crappy) youtube links:

You see, I’ve been wanting to have a “How to become a werewolf” kit ever since I was a little kid… and now I’ve made one! Sure, amny, many of the items are fake (Like the blood, for instance, or wolf brain) But it’s been a long time in the works, really. In fact, many of the concepts, bits and pieces I’ve had for years… (some of it had been kept in the part of the prop-apothecary I have in my bedroom. Weird, I know). But anyway… I grew Fennel specifically for its ties to the benandanti and for projects like this. I made my own scented oils, and I’d saved odd bones and such just to use in this. I collected little bottles and filled them with dirt, or water, or fake blood… but the truth is it didn’t really kick off until I found the perfect case to build this into. Once I had something to actually build it in, I started up on more complex things, making salves, mummified werewolf parts, studies… and eventually got the whole thing assembled and set for display. I think it ended up kinf of Sleepy Hollow/Hellboyish... and while I didn’t make everything from scratch (I can’t blow glass after all) nothing here is left unaltered –pretty much everything is modified, even if only slightly. However, if you want to know what prop items are in it…

Lycanthrope Case Inventory

Methods of Attaining Lycanthropy
Lycanthropus flowers (both dried and in Herbes de Loup-Garou)
Water from a wolf’s footprint
Dehydrated lycanthrope saliva
Water collected downstream of Drinking (Were?)wolves
Wolf fur strap
Lycanthropic salve
Lupine Cerebrum
Werewolf Oil
Water collected from a lycanthropy-inducing stream
Lycanthropy powder (powder remaining after distilling aforementioned water)

Lycanthrope Parts
Mummified werewolf finger
Lycanthrope fang talisman
Broken (Lubin?) fang
Claw from the beast of Gevaudan
Claw and tooth from either a wolf or werewolf
Lycanthrope Blood
Bones of the Wawkalak
Irrinja Fang
Vial of werewolf fur
Lycanthrope Ocular Tissue (Eye)

Other Lycanthropic Specimines
Lycanthropic Accelerant
Wood taken from the funeral pyre of Peter Stumpp
Soil sample from a lycanthropic Spring
Remains of an Adlet kill
Bzou musk
Soil taken from a wolf’s pawprint
Werewolf Print Casting
Lycanthrope Pheromone
Wolf transformation figurine
Pendant taken from an ulfhamr

Informational Documentation
The Journal of an Anonymous Werewolf (The Lycanomicon)
Tracking the Stages of Metamorphosis: The print of the transforming werewolf’s forepaw.
Photograph: The Lycanthrope in the forests of America.
Fennel: Herb of the Benandanti
Field Studies
Print of the trial and tortures of Peter Stumpp
Aconite identification sheet
Methods of Attaining Lycanthropy: An Incomplete List
The Skeleton of a Lycanthrope study.

Defense Against Lycanthrope Materials
Lycanthropic Suppressant
Peeled Mountain Ash Berries
Aromatic Ambiguant
Silver powder
Aconite extract
Werewolf repellent
Essence of Frog

Magnifying Glass (Now part of the costume tool bandaleer)
Small chalkboard and chalk
Werewolf box
Tweesers (Flat-headed, angled, points)
Scissors (Now part of the costume tool bracer)
Fountain Pen
Lycanomicon decoy box
Candle and matches (Now part of a lantern, not in the kit)
Specimine collecting cup and vial
Eyedropper (Now part of the costume tool bracer)
Compass/sundial (now worn on costume belt)
Telescope (Now part of the costume tool bandaleer)

A closer look at some of the specimines:
Lycanthrope Salve version 1: :thumb177214142:
Lycanthrope Pheromone: :thumb178830911:
Mummified Werewolf Finger: :thumb184391336:
Lycanthrope Skeleton: :thumb183722309:
Werewolf Box: :thumb183679818:
Werewolf Print Casting: :thumb201739938:


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    I love how much detail and time you have put into this. Did you make all of this from scratch or did you buy some If them? How can I get my hands on a lycanthropic flower?

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      A little of both. I mean, it's not like I can blow my own glass for the bottles or anything. But, for instance, the compartments and such I made, but the external case I purchased and modified. Pretty much every purchased item has been altered to suit the work. As for Lycanthropic flowers, they're mythical, I'm afraid.

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        Cool. Yes, I know... I meant Wolf's bane. I would like to have something that looks like or similar to a lycanthropic flower.