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Huntsman Snow Cross Eye 3D by Nashoba Hostina

Huntsman Snow Cross Eye 3D

Nashoba Hostina

8 February 2014 at 22:02:29 MST

See the original here:

So, I got a comment on Huntsman Snow where someone was wishing they had their 3D glasses… and decided, what the heck, I’ve been itching to do some cross-eye 3D for ages, I’d give it a shot. So… here’s my first attempt at this kind of 3D imagery. It’s not great… but not too horrible.

To view, hold your head so your eyes are parallel with the top or bottom borders, and cross your eyes until the two sets of glowing wolf eyes match up. This will result in there seeming to be three images, two in the peripheral, and one in the center with the illusion of depth.


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    Ooh, thank you for making this! I love 3D images like this one.

    Interestingly, I don't think I've ever seen one that required crossing your eyes before now (though judging by the quick Google search I just did, there seem to be a lot of them). I've gradually trained my eyes to do old stereoptican slides, and those "magic pictures" that look like wallpaper and have a 3D image in them, but both of those involve focusing on a more distant point than the image. Crossing my eyes (i.e. focusing on a nearer point) to see this one turned out to be surprisingly challenging - but worth the effort once I managed it! I might come back later to practice a bit more.

    This is pretty great for a first attempt, too! Between the snow, the muzzle, and the background, there's enough depth to make it even more intimidating than the original, which was pretty terrifying to begin with.

    The only part that didn't work quite as well for me was the base of the muzzle - it seems to be at about the same depth as the nose, which makes it look detached from the rest of the face. It might help to stretch/skew the top and sides of the muzzle a bit in one image, so that the base of it lined up with the rest of the face in both images; that way, it might look more like the muzzle was receding in space, rather than the whole thing being further forward.

    Overall, though, this works quite well and was a lot of fun to try. I always love seeing more of your work, and I love finding good 3D pictures, so getting both at once was quite a treat!

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      Thank you very much, and I'm thrilled to have introduced you to a new form of 3D. I agree with you on the muzzlebase, but, well, I tried at least :3