Werewolf's Stone by Nashoba Hostina

Werewolf's Stone

Nashoba Hostina

8 February 2014 at 21:38:26 MST

This is a piece that i did for the Marcon Art Show. I had intended to post this on the full moon, but, well, that was comic update time too, and things just got too busy.

Anyway, this is a 1 ¼ inch by 2 ¼ inch rock painting (I adore painting on stone) of a werewolf howling at the moon… however, werewolves and decorated stones actually have a bit of a history, particularly if those stones are carved.

For instance, in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, Something eerie happened. Werewolf like creatures have been spotted all over the state of Wisconsin, some of which are reported to appear to be flesh and blood… others, are of a more static variety. John Arnow, owner of the Ugly Horse Ranch, dug up some peculiar stones (actually, poured concrete) on his property. But the intriguing part was… on them were faces very much like a cross between that pf a wolf and a man. A neighbor has a nearly identical stone. How interesting that these ‘’wolfenstones’ are dug up in an area of the world known for its werewolves.

However, it could be argued that the most famous of these cases would be that of the Hexham Heads. In Northumberland, two stone heads, about the size of baseballs were unearthed in a family’s garden. One was like a man, the other a witch… and upon their unearthing, strange things began to happen. However, the strangest of these oddities occurred in the home of their neighbors. An apparition in the shape of a humanoid canid appeared in the Dodd household, appearing in a bedroom before two full-grown adults, before the thing ran on its hind legs down the stairs and out the front door. But the werewolfery doesn’t end there. Eventually, the heads ended up in the possession of Dr. Anne Ross, who’s family experienced similar phenomena. The werewolflike creature would be spotted, then vanish, though the sounds of its footsteps could be heard after. It wasn’t entirely welcome.

And, finally, in Paradise Texas, a local area rancher who goes by the name of Walter had an encounter that combines the themes of the wolflike face in the first account, and the terrifying creaturs of the second. He found that his cows had been butchered mutilated by some terrible beast with razor-sharp claws. One might suspect a big cat of some kind, had he not actually spotted a tall, bipedal creature that had a German shepherd’s ears, a wolf’s snout, and thick black fur. Curiously enough, while looking for the beast’s tracks, instead he found a beculiar, crudely carved stone, upon which had been etched a ferotious-looking face, with an upturned nose, and sharp teeth.

Should you ever be unfortunate enough to encounter a werewolf… take a look around your property. You might find something more than just footprints.

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