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My name is french and means "Desire" but i don't really feel like I'm desired much. That may be from my low self-esteem. I really love to draw, i also enjoy making dream catchers. I'm still not entirely tech savy so i may be really stupid with anything technology related.

I'm Bipolar so i have "ups" and "downs". please bare with me when i have my swings since i can not control it. I know what your thinking "take medication" well, no. i had a friend by the name of Trey who took meds for his Bipolar, and he wasn't even the same person when he was on his meds. he was a Living-dead child. so i wil; never pain myself like that.

I like to think of myself as a nice person but recently, i have proven to myself that i really don't need friends if i continue to treat them the way i did.

i am a Proud pagen. i practice Wiccan, which i s Witchcraft. i have been since i was 11. My Witch mother is the leader of our coven. her name is Kayleigh O'Connor. (she has to last names but i cant spell the last one XD). She has several Witch Babies. i am experienced in the Craft and have gone far enough to do high level magic, such as conntacting the dead, i have only recived faint voices and smoke in the mirror thus far.

My tools of the trade are: a wand (only for my alter), Wolf candel, Black Cat candel, Witch Hazel, Wormwood, and several other spices that i am currently unstocked.

my book of shadows is nearly full and i have now started a new Book Of Shadows.

my favorite spell is the Wolf Protection Spell.

My spirit animal is the wolf, this was passed down from my Pagen ancestors.

my witch sisters' spirit animals are a Bear and a Fox.

my witchmother's spirit animal is a Raven.

as you can see, i very much so love my Pagen roots and My Wiccan religon.

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on 5 February 2015 at 19:19:12 MST

I have Moved accounts

Folllow me there if you want to see my art since I plan on using Weasyl a lot more.

Also feel free to follow me at if you use DA c:

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