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Vent Art by NaosRain

Vent Art


Bit of Vent art.... I'm not sure if this requires a warning or not because nothing is really happening.
I have always tried to find something or somehow to be happy and fit in somewhere. I wanted to have friends and do things like "normal people" do. But its devovled to me trying to be someone I think I am but I don't know if I am anymore. I want to be nice, I think I'm nice, but then bad parts I thought were gone come back and ruin everything I built. OR someone comes along and ruins everything I thoguht I had. On top of that my social anxiety when it comes to talking, making friends, and things of the later make it even harder for me to find any where to belong or voice anyhting because I just want to be friends with everyone and if they break me I never want to see them again. The fact that i have such little friends and such a big emotional problem just ... I fear big groups of people who claim to be something because I know one day they will turn around and rip me apart. ITs just..... I don't know anymore... I never know. I feel so outside everyone and everything and being on social sites like this just make me feel even..... Even more alien. So I just accepted it and thats why I have Naos my Alien fursona... It would be nice to find a place where people understand this and it doesn't blow up in my face. But since I always have that though in the back of my mind, it will never be or end on good notes. It will crumble and collapse onto me.

I try and kill older parts of me by running away from them and hoping they go away, but they never do. If they are a part of me I can't metnally kill them without killing myself.
I'm not suicidal. Just lost and confused.
End vent.
IF any one read this than you are an amazing person.

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    i relate, this is a good piece of vent art; hope it felt relieving to let that out

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      I wish venting could fix all your problems. now It just makes me want to do it more ene; But it did feel good. and I'm glad you liked it <3