non anthro reference (sfw) by Nanok

non anthro reference (sfw)


10 June 2021 at 14:32:22 MDT

Reference/guide for quadruped Nanok
This is the "default" form Nanok will take when transforming into a non anthro dragon or wears the cursed collar.
The feature(s) I would place the most weight on are
* the fins with 4 "fingers" and 3 membranes
* spikes and membranes from the top of the head to halfway down the tail. (there may be a gap between wings)
* folding teeth
The wings, like in anthro form, can be hidden with magic. The portals used for that leave a surface that has the same colour as the scales around, but does not create highlights or reflections.
The default genitals are hidden behind a slit, but but like most details can be changed to fit the use.
Testicles are usually internal, don't get in the way and are protected, unless a more "ballsy" look is desired.
Cum, egg, toys or tired friends can be stored in the hollow muscle organ. It is very stretchy, self cleaning, warm and damp. The opening is connected to the slit.
Body build can be a bit less "athletic", this is just how I feel most comfortable drawing dragons in general, but it is not a hard requirement.
Proportions are rough guidelines, but Nanok can't quite remember or care enough to be consistent with those, so you don't have to either!

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