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Critique request

on 18 September 2016 at 14:33:56 MDT

Title says everything you need to know.

Anyway, if you are willing to read more of the why and how and me jut writing my thoughts down, here you go.

What this is about: I want more critique, more feedback from the few individuals actually looking at my… output.

I know my page is like the second page of a google search, but still…

I just don't do much, mainly my job consumes soo much time. And all that because some clients want their button/banner/inputfield a few pixel bigger JUST NOW!

Well you can't do anything 'bout that, but you can give me a reason to improve myself!

I don't work quite well on my own. Every time no one is behind me and screams "Draw now!" I just lay in bed and wait till my next appointment. When this is work, I'll just sleep and call it a day.
That's quite bad if you try to improve any skill other than sleeping.

Just tell my what you are thinking, what's bad and what's really bad ( even what might be good if you find anything in this section).

You can request pictures from me, or throw money in my direction if you are interested in have some sort of guaranty of getting anything in return( but why would you, there are plenty of better artists out there)

You could start this with "I dare you to …" this usually gets me right away.

Well, thank you kind reader for your time, it's very much appreciated

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