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One more round by Namrepus221

One more round


One of my final comissions from MFF. Got this from   dook (who sadly doesn't post to FA any more). He really liked the idea of the character and his look.

It's one thing that I love about the look of my character. That people like him. That people look at him when I comission them, and when they hand me the book back they say they really enjoyed it and it was something different. I'm not sure if it's the subject matter or what, but I've never had a single negative piece of criticisim about the look of the character. It's just refreshing to see that.

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    I did enjoy the concept behind your character! :3 And I still have been posting to FA, but have been keeping a bit more of a curated gallery there since it doesn't allow for folders to organize like Weasyl does.

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      Thank you so much. It really does mean a lot. I've honestly never had a negative reaction from an artist when drawing the character and I'm quite proud of that fact.

      I acctually just did a straight copy paste over from FA to Weasyl using Waxpost so there are still some remnants of FA (personal links to artists and such for credit, or comments and the like) that require fixing. Unfortunately that'll have to wait for the weekend.

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    Very nicely done! I love his expression on this piece.

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    He is one awesome guy!