agentmoose [Trade] by NamelessDork

agentmoose [Trade]


28 November 2014 at 19:22:46 MST

I'm gona say this now, I'm sorry it looks not very good..
I sketched it sooo many times, no matter what I just couldn't get it to look right..
I'm really not used to drawing hands and male characters.. forgive me.
I wanna say at least I tried, but Iunno.

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    hush up

    it still looks great and youre improving ALL the time.
    i love it.
    and i think you should definitely enjoy your own art more!
    think back on the first drawing you ever did

    now look at your art now.

    yeah. :p

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      I don't even know what my first draw was of xD

      And I know.. I just wish I could do better, I'm surrounded by amazing artists, and I'm just starting really..
      //Never really drew much before, but now trying to take it up as a hobby because fun
      I know it takes time to get good at something, but I wish I could repay you guys with arts that are just as amazing as yours.

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        drawing even xD

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          Everyone progresses at a different rate and in different directions, i can really tell when i'm in my studio art classes and stuff. sometimes a person at 15 can draw beautiful hands no problem, i envy them but it also motivates me to push myself to draw more. i can tell there is a great difference in my art even in weekly periods. all anyone can ever do is draw more and work harder, thats all we can ask of ourselves. and also, you will never be happy with you drawings, that's just how it is for people like us.

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        dude i started drawing at 16
        im 20 now and have barely done anything
        but youre improving at a rapid pace and im really excited to see how your art turns out in the long run.

        and i love any and all art

        it could be a traditional scribble and id love it because every art i get is very personal to me

        especially when it comes from my friends, like you.

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    yes, hush up, you did good! I love it :) thank you

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      ;; Well, I'm glad you like it

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    Yeah it's awesome goober >w< Dun be so down on yourself! I love the way you draw muzzles and shit oAo I envy iiiit -grabby hands-