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Touched by Flame by Nambroth

Touched by Flame


My piece for the 2015 Werewolf Calendar!

Natural disasters such as wildfires are an enormous blow to the werewolves that dwell in territories where such things occur. While natural disasters are often the bringers of new life and change in an ecosystem, the immediate impact upon the lives of creatures living there is certainly devastating, both physically and emotionally. Loss of home, habitat, and food are keenly felt by all. Focus placed upon natural disasters often looks deeply into the impact and role they play on human society; while we recognize that the wildlife in such habitats must be effected as well, it is my hope that this werewolf bridges the gap in empathy between human and animal. I have created a smokey, slightly hazy scene, where glimpses of the recent fire remain. A beam of sun filters through the smoke to light up the curled, charred ferns that the werewolf contemplates. There is hope and change in the air, but right now, all seems lost.

Calendars go on Sale September 1st; the first 150 orders get some extra goodies, too!
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Completed in Corel Painter, using the acrylic brush.

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    This is a gorgeous piece; You've done such a wonderful job with both the incredibly detailed background (You can even see the reflection of the smoke and fires in the puddle) and the werewolf - that fur feels fluffy. It's beautiful.

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    Very astounding piece of art here! I especially like how you did the fire and the texture of the fur.

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    Wow, touching and gorgeously done piece, the detail you put to that burnt fern and the character's distant, blank expression show an incredible degree of emotion