Ridgway's Hawk by Nambroth

Ridgway's Hawk


24 January 2014 at 16:45:49 MST

Ridgway's Hawk
Critically Endangered

Have you heard of this species? Not many people have. It is a lesser known raptor that is in big trouble. This hawk lives in the Dominican Republic, though it used to also live in Haiti and possibly the surrounding isles. Believed to be quite common less than 100 years ago, it is now extinct in 90% of its former range, and now the only known wild birds live in a single place: Los Haitises National Park, in the north-east Dominican Republic. At this time it is thought that less than 200 mature birds remain.

What's happening to these beautiful hawks? Large scale habitat loss seems to be the biggest factor. Nearly all of the forest that these raptors depend upon to survive has been cleared for plantations (a lot of it is coffee -- where does your coffee come from? http://alumni.stanford.edu/get/page/magazine/article/?article_id=44838 ) and the rest is continually fragmented into smaller pieces. Unfortunately, poorly informed locals also intentionally kill the hawks and nestlings as the hawks are seen as a threat to poultry. Efforts have been made to educate locals to encourage them to see the hawks as helpers, instead, as this species prefers reptiles as its diet (approx. 80% of its diet).

This was painted as a print as a stretch goal for Losing Altitude's kickstarter (now funded and closed). However, I am also offering this print on my website, and 100% of the profit from this print will get donated to The Peregrine Fund, as they are directly trying to save this species: http://www.peregrinefund.org/projects/ridgways-hawk
My shop: http://featherdust.storenvy.com/products/2723421-rigdways-hawk-special-print-to-help-save-hawks

Painted in Corel Painter, using mostly the acrylic brush.

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    I always hate it when any bird of prey is killed because they pose a risk to poultry. Is it really so hard to put some chicken wire on top if the pens? That's what my mom did. She had hawk problems but then she threw some wire on top of the chicken area and they haven't had an issue since!

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      To be fair, most of the people in these areas tend to live in extreme poverty and probably don't have pens at all or the ability to buy chicken wire; that said, the programs are helping to educate them that the hawks really prefer other prey anyhow.
      People in more developed areas that can afford it, though-- yeah! That is what I do with mine too. My chickens can live happily and so can the predatory critters.

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        Fair enough, I didn't really think about the folks in poverty. I was just thinking about my mom and some of the neighbors who would shoot hawks for messing with their unprotected chickens when all they had to do was throw something over the top. Then again, it was out in the middle of nowhere and they shoot at vultures resting on the radio tower so I imagine it was just another excuse to shoot at something. :/

        Glad I don't live there any more.

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    OMG! Your art is amazing!

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    You draw beautiful wildlife art!
    Never thought about drawing for scientifical magazines, books about nature or so?

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      Scientific illustration (if that is what you mean) is a very hard field to break into!

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        Anyway, you gotta show that to ornithologists. One never knows!

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    You really do have a wonderful way with feathers; I can almost feel the different textures in this one...with my eyes!! (or maybe that's the coffee talking)

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