An Ancient Pursuit by Nambroth

An Ancient Pursuit


27 October 2012 at 20:50:22 MDT

A cycle that repeats itself endlessly through millions of years; that is, the relationship of predator and prey.

A pair of Deinonychus are intensely focused on the possible meal of a gobiconodon. Has it been alerted by their presence? The hunt never has never been predictable nor a sure thing...

This was a personal commission for Emily, and took me over a year of working on it off and on! I thank her for her patience with me. :)

16" x 20", acrylic on board. My scanner was not kind to this. :( It's 6 scans stitched together. The colors are a little off.

Disclaimer: While I did my best to hold accurate to current paleontological findings, I myself am not a paleontologist and as much as I'd love to, haven't had enough time to invest in deep reading on all the subject matter painted here. Further, some aspects of this piece were determined by my awesome client and as such this piece will not be altered.

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    This is breathtaking =O

    I always love seeing skilled traditional artists... the level of detail in this is just stunning, especially in all the vegetation. I can imagine that painting those ferns was probably a nightmare XD

    And while I make no claims to be a paleontologist either, I really think you did a wonderful job on the Deinonychus anatomy! For what it's worth, I think you made them look like real living, breathing creatures here.