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Happily Mated to scare-d-katt
I am originally from a VERY small town and I have been a furry for many years now and have enjoyed every minute of it, usually. I currently live in a city that I'm mostly enjoying being in, and I am happily mated (soon to be engaged), and we are expecting a baby in February!
I am pansexual, and proud of that fact. Nothing matters to me but the feelings towards one another.

I'm also technically a Greymuzzle, since I've been in the fandom for around 19 years, and counting, so in that aspect, I'm going by longevity and experience. About 2 years from now, I'll fit the bill in all ways.

I LOVE to make new friends and chat whenever I can!

Feel free to add me to Skype! (My favourite messenger!) My username is naiserzorais. (Clicking my username starts a call.)

You can also follow me on Twitter under the naiserzorais name.

Every October, I show support for any Breast Cancer support program through many ways.

November is when I TRY to do NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. 50,000 words in 30 days... aye carumba! Anyway, if you want, check it out on their site.

I am a freelance voice actor. If you're interested in voices for any projects you might be doing, feel free to send me a note about it, and hopefully, we can work together to produce a great finished product!

I am also in the works of hopefully becoming a sex therapist or sexologist, because of how much the subject intrigues me. I have good knowledge on the subject, and I would love to expand that knowledge to help others figure out solutions to potential issues they have.

My InkBunny page: Naiser

My DeviantArt page: NaiserZorais

My Tumblr: NaiserCubi (Upon Cubi Wings)

My other Tumblr: Sex Ed with Naiser!



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Possible Future Collabs!

Well, soon I will be working on some backgrounds to display on this page for all to see, and they will be digitally done by myself, since I feel it is a strong suit I have. I know that backgrounds tend to be the bane of some artists, so I would like to offer my servicesw of coming up with a background for pictures that artists cannot think of a decent one for. Any artist can contact me to collaborate with me, and anyone who wishes to commission me for a background for an already finished commission image must first contact the original artist to ask permission for me to alter the image with a new background, whether or not the picture already has one. And any artist that so wishes may chat with me in regards to possible future collaborations on a permanent basis! BACKGROUNDS FOR EVERYONE!

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    'ello there! I had found your old group on FA awhile back, and long story short here, I was wondering if you still know any other voice actors and the like. I'm trying to put together a group for some radio show style recordings and the like, so far I've got one or two voice actors and am also learning for myself as well. Any help or contacts you could point my way would be much appreciates! Contact me here:

    Take care, hope to hear from you soon! :3

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    Thankies for the watch love ^_-

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    Thanks for following! I will be doing art full time after the 5th, so you will be seeing a lot more of me soon! :3 <3

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    Thank you so much for the follow I really appreciate it! :3

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    Thanks for the follow, I hope to bring more art pieces to your liking in the future :3

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    Thanks for following me, I appreciate it! <3

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    Thanks for following!!

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    Thanks for following!!