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I fall under the great umbrella of Therian Wolves which is a reference to someone who affiliates with lupines and also has spiritual, religious, or moral connections to wolves. The mention of therianism is simply to differentiate between furries who develop fictional characters and role-play as them as opposed to others who who hold beliefs that literally relate with wolves.

With that said I am an open-minded, empathetic, and ambitious critter. I advocate for wolves in the United States and I try to stay on top of national and worldwide events. Human behavior is one of the most interesting topics for me so if you ever find yourself searching for something to talk about, then philosophy, sociology, religion, or wildlife are a good fall-back. I don't like to argue and push my beliefs on other people aggressively, but I do like to debate and discuss opinions in order to see things in new perspectives.

The roots of my interests lie in nature. I love going on hikes, camping, going for walks, playing in fields, wrestling around, and playing with dogs. I don't mean taking my dog to watch him play with other dogs. NAGI likes to play with other dogs :3

That's just the tip of the iceberg and it hardly justifies who I am and what I'm about. Therefore, if you want to get to know me, then drop me a message and find out for yourself.

Certainly not a comprehensive list of good friends, but some of the important creatures in my life that embody my family

My Mate Windsong

My Brother Kintari

My Puppy Lobo

My Best Friend Fen

You can thank CanidaeOokami for giving a certain five letter named Husky Wolf a permanent spot at the top of this page by creatively editing a commission drawn by Dingyote.


Leader of the Pack

P.S. My journals are a place of introspection. You are often welcome to read and comment on what few things are too personal for me to throw out there, but understand that they are a tool for my own reflection. Thus, don't be surprised if you see emotional streams of thoughts rather than logs of my daily events and announcements. :3



Latest Journal

Good Bye Fur Affinity


I finally decided today would be a good day to get off my ass and start moving things over from my old dusty pages on Fur Affinity and get things transfered over here to Weasyl. I've been talking about doing it for a while, but I haven't felt motivated and have been coming up with excuse after excuse to not do it.

Hopefully, with everything all complete in one place it'll make internet socializing a little more easy. So far I've managed to make one friend, Okami, that I did not know of until I started padding around this place. So that's a sign of encouragement for sure. Here's to hoping for more in the future.

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    Hey there, dear heart.

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    Take a closer look at the submissions...I don't have talent. Paper Wings has talent. I appreciate the thought though. If you like the art be sure to leave feedback.

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    You have some tallent.

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    *slobberylix* :P