. Throwback Thursday: Astrid . by NagaTree

. Throwback Thursday: Astrid .


11 October 2018 at 11:27:03 MDT

Okay Okay, So I felt like drawing my “old” sona Astrid, Don’t get mad at me.
I decided to draw her without the extra bullshit I added to her later in 2015.
Because other then all the shit I did to her in 2015-2016
like the edgy ass unneeded backstory and the god-awful design tweaks.
She’s still a good fucking character and a good ass persona that I connect to this day.
Shes actually one of the most developed characters I have in my roster
and even if shes semi-retired I’ll still draw her any day.
I know not too many people like her though due to me never wanting to let her go,
still drawing her and using her or not selling her off to some stranger.
But those people can suck my big fat a340-600 dick tbh.

But anyways, I decided I wanted to do a Thursday tradition
where I draw/remake old drawings, characters, etc. Of course,
I am sooo unoriginal that I named it Throwback Thursday.

Because yes.

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