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Wii U GET!

Treated myself to a WII U console for Christmas and birthday!
You can add me on there if you want! :3


See you there!

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    Sorry tiny cat I accidentally unfriended you when I was checking out what you had up here. XC

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    oh, you're german?
    is English a first language or a second one for you? (I am just curious)

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      German is my mother language, I picked up English at school.

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        hm, okay. they don't teach german here, just chinese, English (obviously), and Indonesian.
        that's my school, at least.

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    i'll be honest.
    I don't know exactly what "pocketcat" means.
    is it just a way of saying you're small? (I'm confused)

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      I am (or rather the character is) so small he fits in a regular pocket, that's all.

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        (facepalms) okay, I guess that should've been obvious, huh?

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    Heya ^^ thanks for sending your awesome pic over for my collection~ :)