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Beyond the End guildmembers (fictional RO guild)

on 22 January 2014 at 00:27:13 MST

Kaizhou Lotus = Chaser
Personality - Supportive, tends to have a wild streak when on vanguard duty

Djibril = Guillotine Cross
Personality - Relatively easy-going, doesn't seem to take very much seriously. Openly gay and flirts with anything with a face.

Shaytaan Noir = Guillotine Cross
Pet: Smokie [Gambit]
Personality - Tends to be a killjoy.(Unfortunately) Sleeps in the same bed/room as Djibril

Laurell = Warlock
Mount: Fox [Lighthalzen]
Pet: Miyabi Doll [Miyabi]
Personality - Naive and simple-minded, easily intimidated and has a tendency to hide behind someone else. Plays with/talks to a self-animated drooping bunny that someone gave him long ago. Will Lord of Vermilion everything if his guildmates are endangered.

Aeolus Winchester = Grenadier
Pet: Dullahan [Seele]
Personality - Seems to be one of the more level-headed guildmates, acting as one of Maize's generals.

Resurrection = Soul Linker
Personality - Has crude language and doesn't seem to know how to say anything without making it sound like an insult. Shortest of the guildmembers and is considered Laurell's handler.

Phantom = Rune Knight
Mount: Ferus [Skylight]
Pet: Earth Petite [Verde]
Personality - Pretty dumb. Spends down time mostly crafting runes

Hesperus = Royal Guard
Mount: Gryphon [X.L]
Pet: Incubus [Solar]
Personality - Animal-lover that spends as much time as he can in the paddock caring for the riding mounts.

Maize = Ranger
Mount: Warg [Leif]
Personality - Leader of Beyond the End, weighs options quickly and seriously but has been known to make jokes in dry humor.

Ahrel Hvitur = Bishop
Pet: Aliot [Aliot]
Personality - Maize's right-hand man, seems to be one of the more assertive guildmates. Has an unhealthy habit of doting on his pet Aliot.

Vulcan = Mechanic
Mount: Mech Gear [Mantis]
Personality - Wishes certain people were a little more intelligent.

Kaizhou Rose = Alchemist
Pet: Evil Nymph [En] / Blue Filir [Riser]
Personality - Fairly shy and timid, spends most of his time outside of battle with Lotus.

Eko = Maestro
Pet: Lunatic [Fell]
Personality - Has a terrible sense of humor. Deliberately instigates conflict in order to watch the outcome.

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