Undine (female) by Mythos

Undine (female)


16 July 2014 at 17:29:14 MDT

Undines the imps of the deep. They are a mysterious race rarely ever coming onto shore and those who make contact rarely return to tell their tale. The stories differ between those who do make it back.

Some say they are a mischievous race where the female lure land dwellers toward shore with a song , then they would either pull the dweller down into the depth and watch them frantically race toward the surface or leaving them on a rock and tease dweller as they try to swim back to shore.

Another is that the Undines kidnap land dweller and take them to their lair where the dweller serve as a caretaker of their children and a " playmate"

What is for sure is that they can be found in almost any body of water, each having a different tribe. And they hunt in pairs, the female acting as bait and the male attacks.

Here is my version of the Undine, the bio is a mix of the undine, mermaid and siren

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