Fabricating Syn - WIP by MysteryBBQ

Fabricating Syn - WIP


2 March 2014 at 12:37:44 MST

This was a sketch I was working on while waiting for the action I held the other day to come to a close. It will eventually be the first proper image of of new robot character, Syn.

I've been working on a bit of backstory for her, but don't have anything solid at the moment, other than the fact she was a an early prototype designed to emulate human form and human thought patterns and emotion... Then of course she gain self awareness. Upon achieving awareness and/or leaving the lab where she was created she hooks up to the internet / future equivalent of it and then basically goes catatonic for about a month as she processes everything. At the end of that time, when she reboots a personality begins to form... and that's about as much as I have figured out so far.

I'm thinking that in the universe where she exists creating self-aware machines will either be illegal, or made illegal shortly after Syn's construction, so only a small number of them would exist. Either they would mostly be created by shady, secretive organizations, or purely by accident.

Over time she will end up creating or purchasing a number of upgrades for herself, though i'm still working on the list of what they might be. Right now my best idea is nanomachine chromatophores, basically allowing her to change her colour or display images on her "skin" at will, but would mostly be used to imitate tattoos and stuff when she's in the mood for some decoration.
I also have a list a interesting hardware features she has, but I'm not going to list them all now.

If you guys have any ideas for potential upgrades or nifty features I'd love hear them. If I really love the sound of any of them they might make it into her official backstory / profile.

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