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The Knight of Nalros- Hue Maxim by Myriagonic

The Knight of Nalros- Hue Maxim


27 May 2014 at 00:08:38 MDT

Name: Hue Maxim
Nicknames: Hue, the Knight of Nalros
Species: Nalroni
Height: 6' 1"
Affiliations: D'Astan Crime Syndicate, Sith Empire, Darth Vanguardius, Dread Masters, Noghoul Rex, Mandalorian Enclave

The Celanon Spur has been home to a number of infamous traders and scoundrels since its discovery circa 3651BBY but none more beloved than the nicknamed 'Knight of Nalros' Hue Maxim. Hue came from a long lineage of plutocrats and sycophantic ancestors who always backed the innumerable invaders to the Nalroni homeworld, from the Mandalorians to Revan's Sith armies. The Maxim family also harbored a number of force sensitives within its ranks who served both Revan's and the True Sith armies when they occupied the system. While Hue is mildly force sensitive though, his notoriety comes from his robin-hood style leadership and the security he brought the region by his ruthless elimination of other pirate gangs in the sector.

Hue established the D'Astan Smuggling Ring (or as it's opponents called it the 'D'Astan Crime Syndicate') during the Republic's domination of the Hydian way following the Jedi Civil War, exporting archeological finds to prospective buyers within the Jedi Order and other private collectors- for a price of course. In some instances his wares included Columni, Gree, and even Rakatan artifacts purchased or stolen by his organization for resale. Much of his wealth was given to the poorest of Celanites, providing hospitals, financial loans and jobs within his organization to the downtrodden under his front company 'Cobalt Holdings Corp.'

On both a social and military level competing gangs were unable to handle the growing army of volunteers under Hue's command. In one of the most famous final campaigns to rid Nalros of competition Hue Maxim donned his signature armor and raided the compound of a notorious rival 'The Bronzium Fox', a spice dealer who held control of the southmost sector of Celanon City. The Bronzium Fox's gang was responsible the deaths of at least three of Hue's most trusted lieutenants- torturing them and eventually skinning them for their fur for use as a furniture-- or so it was rumored. Hue arrived in his battle armor with nearly fifty loyalists by his side and when he emerged from the hideout he held a bloodied knife and dripping pelt from his hands. The fur cape and scarf which Hue's battlesuit has is rumored to be from the Bronzium Fox, though because of the underworld nature of Hue's organization it's unclear whether this is true. This eye-for-an-eye style of retaliation was not common among Hue and his DSR forces but in times of extremes they were known to retaliate in kind for brutal acts of violence.

Eventually however Hue's criminal empire took a different mission statement. When the New Sith Empire invaded Hue was off planet and his daughter, Ytriumm 'Cobalt' Maxim, was caught up in the entanglements of the Sith. Ytriumm would be pressed into servitude by the Sith Lord Tetricious and her new apprentice Vanguardius but as far as Hue Maxim saw- Ytriumm was either killed or MIA during the fighting on Celanon and he began a vicious guerrilla campaign against the Sith occupation in revenge. Hue's experienced pirate army consistently ambushed Imperial patrols in the system and using a mix of modified freighters and fighters left over from the previous occupations made operating in the D'Astan sector a nightmare for the Empire. It was during this time that Hue's men captured a VX-5 Ricker Freighter being used by the Imperials and with the expertise of Reno East modified it into the infamous 'Knave of Nalros'.

After nearly 6 months of constant scrutiny by her Sith keepers Ytriumm was finally able to get a message out to her father with the help of her cohort Vanguardius telling him she was alive and circumstances meant she was now in the service of the Empire. While intensely skeptical Hue did call off attacks temporarily on the Imperial forces in the region until he was able to meet in person with his beloved daughter who explained both the circumstances of her servitude and her almost stockholmish loyalty to the Imperial cause. By contacting the Imperial Moff over the sector through Vanguardius Ytriumm was able to secure her father's army as a privateer force- earning them money for every Republic ship destroyed and also eased the iron fist the Empire had strangled the Nalros system with.

The D'Astan Smuggling Ring operated as an autonomous entity- technically under the oversight of Ytriumm Maxim and in turn placing it under the jurisdiction of the Dread Master's powerbase, the DSR frequently acted as a force multiplier for holding imperial territories. When the Empire, more specifically the Dread Masters during their campaign into the heart of the republic, conquered a system and did not have the troops to hold it they oftentimes relied on the privateer freighters in Hue's employ in order to keep control of the territories for a retreat if necessary.

As leader of the DSR Hue Maxim frequently operated alongside Vanguardius and his daughter Ytriumm using the battle armor he was so famous for and gifted his personal starship, 'The Knave of Nalros' to Vanguardius' eclectic crew as a home away from home.
Weapons and Technology:
In order to hide his identity and intimidate his opponents Hue Maxim uses a powered suit of armor complete with a compliment of built in weaponry. The suit, originally a gift by a group of Mandalorians who Hue had allied with during the rise of the DSR, is constructed from Duraplast with the helmet and biceps reinforced with beskar. The suit contains a built in transmitter both for communication and in order to issue commands to the AI aboard the Knave of Nalros- calling in strafing runs on enemy positions with ease. In addition to his armor Hue carries a number of weapons including:

B-102 Concealer Blaster Carbine-
A light collapsible blaster carbine with a stopping power comparable to a heavy blaster pistol but far greater accuracy and medium range. The B-102 had enough capacity for 70 shots at it's default setting but also had an 'extreme' setting which allowed for 26 extremely high-powered explosive shots to be fired. On its highest setting the B-102 was able to kill as many as five unarmored targets standing within 4 meters of each other.

Customized Tapani Dueling Vibro-Foil-
An elegant weapon for a more civilized age- originating from the aristocrats of the Tapani Sector, Hue's Vibrofoil is an Ultrachrome sword used for both close quarters combat and ceremonial purposes within his criminal army. The Vibrofoil's construction means that while i can resist saberblows and even deflect blaster bolts, continuous assaults on the blade will melt the metal if it's used extensively without a break.

DPC-R26s Personal Particle Beam Emitter-
Much like WD-4D's particle beam emitter, the original components for this shoulder-mounted weapon were derived from a Iskadrell cutting beam. Hue's Beam Emitter is less powerful than WD's but capable of cutting through crowds of enemies or blowing the lightsabers of enemies right from their hands.

3 Kelvarex Arms Micro-Missile Tubes-
Attached to the DPC-R26s is a set of three micro-missile tubes. These are, again, smaller and less dangerous than those from WD's arsenal but nonetheless their ability to carry a variety of payloads from smoke to explosive to incendiary over a long range make them particularly useful tools in combat.

DPC-R15xs Wrist-Mounted Particle Cutter-
One of the smallest particle cutter manufactured by 'Cobalt Weapons' and designed by Reno East, the DPC-R15xs is almost purely a tool. it's best use comes in cutting through doorways, blinding the optics of enemy vehicles, and even covertly destroying unexploded ordnance from afar.
Hue has however used the weapon several times to cause Jedi and Si