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Battle of Balmorra- Galaxy Note 3 by Myriagonic

Battle of Balmorra- Galaxy Note 3


25 May 2014 at 21:44:29 MDT

Another Galaxy Note 3 Sketch- this time of Weaponmaster Khit and his Jedi Master Weaponmaster Sheraiha

Assigned by the Jedi order to protect the critical weapon factories on Balmorra, Jedi Weaponmaster Sheraiha, and her newly promoted apprentice, Weaponmaster Khit were dispatched to Sobrik, the capital, along with a company of Republic soldiers and Battle Droids. Unbeknownst to either of them, Khit's old sparring partner and longtime ally Nathahl Loshibiru had been dispatched to the planet. Under the instructions of his new keepers, the Dread Masters, Darth Vanguardius and his crew's task was to sow panic and fear throughout the planet's defenders by releasing the savage Colicoids from Lab 352. During his mission Vanguardius learned of Khit's presence on the planet and felt in the force that the two would have to face one another if he was to accomplish his mission.
Not wanting to kill his longtime friend himself- but bound to finish his mission or be eliminated himself- Vanguardius hired a mercenary, Aleema Tann, to seek out and kill Weaponmaster Khit and anyone who got in her way. Aleema and the Dread Guard assigned to her were defeated and captured but Master Sheraiha was injured by an explosive intended for Khit. From the captured mercenary Khit discovered that a Sith Lord named Darth Vanguardius was responsible for the attack. In an effort to destroy the Sith lord responsible for his master's grave injuries Khit sent a message to the Imperial encampment near Lab 352 and challenged the Sith Lord to a duel in the ruins of Gorinth Canyon.

Vanguardius arrived with only his Aide-De-Camp Ytriumm by his side to face the Jedi. When they met Vanguardius removed his helmet and addressed Khit- his old friend- by name and explained his mission, how he was entrapped into servitude by the Sith on Celanion and his premonitions about their duel- he offered Khit the opportunity to surrender and be a comfortable prisoner in the Empire. Khit accused Nathahl of the same thing he experienced on Celanon- the Sith killing his master and trapping him with an ultimatum of servitude- invariably the Kushiban refused and the two were cast into a duel that lasted nearly 30 minutes.
By the end Khit was mortally wounded and Vanguardius had nearly been impaled by his saber- saved only by a skillful shot by Ytriumm to Khit's back.
Vanguardius and Ytriumm split up on their speeders- Ytriumm returned to base while Vanguardius buried his longtime friend in a secluded part of the Makaran Plains etching a brief epitaph with with his lightsaber before sending a protocol droid to the Republic encampment to return the weapon to Master Sheraiha.