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Hi everybody :D

on 5 February 2014 at 11:03:53 MST

Hi, Weasyls! haha

Let's see, I guess I should introduce myself. Hi! I am Myrcury! Aka Steph in the real lifes, and Stephasaurus Rex or Rexy, when I'm a dinosaur. XD I live in sometimes-sunny Florida, where it's usually fun times due to being close to a certain mouse's house, as well as an art scene that I enjoy doing what I can to make my way in. I love all things zombie, horror, Halloween and macabre, as well as Dia de los Muertos, with an obsession with sugar skulls being my bridge to my other obsession: All things colorful and bright and sticky sweet! :D My fandoms are few, but I do love me some sci-fi and fantasy action type stuff such as Hellboy, Ninja Turtles, Tank Girl, Dr. Who, Farscape, etc. Love me some multi-colored mutants/aliens/etc, I do. <3

That said - the thing I live for the very very most is: ART! In all it's forms. <3 Forever obsessed with creating and observing. nodnod I've been sole proprietor of an online shop called Myrcury's Toybox, since ohh... 1997-ish? shameless plug My hub is at ! :) I set up locally at shows every so often. I'm also a professional street painter!

I think that about covers that... Anything else you may wanna know, just ask! I don't bite. Unless you take my toys away. ;)

Wellp. I'm starting to get used to coming here every day to check messages and stuff, and so far I've been delighted to find I've received one new follower each day, pretty much. That's really awesome, I'm glad some of you like my work like that! :D

Been drawing my Stego-me any time I get a few minutes, even if it's just sketches that I delete soon after... Making those OC Pocketfuls is my other new favorite thing. :D

Hmm... I really should decorate my page with a banner thing thing. ponders ideas for that

Well hey! How are YOU doin?? ^_^

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