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Don't you look lovley by Myladykoi

Don't you look lovley


14 February 2014 at 17:46:50 MST

An Art trade half, For me by Soul-helper on d.a.

She did such an amazing job XD boy did I get a surprise!! I mean i did say surprise me but eep! 0.0 Unexpected!!
But I ship it!! <3

She made it look like a screen shot to!! eeek!

Koikie is my oc
Shirosaki/Asauchi/Ogichi/Hichigo/White @ Tite Kubo
art by Soul-Helper


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    It's a very wonderful piece!

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      hee hee ikr!! i love it so much!!

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      Dare I try and draw a kiss scene?

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        YES >:D

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          Oh gawd ok xD I now need to study the dreaded side fscial view xD blssshh but itl b worth it!!!