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Selling varied things to replace broken things

Sky Blue DSi in excellent condition, barely used, comes with new charger and attached carbon fiber skin/screen protector - $50

Blue and White Neon Dolphin sign $70 including somewhat expensive shipping

Size W39(US Womens size 9) Vibram Fivefingers toeshoes in smartwool, charcoal grey. Brand new, worn once, wrong size for my poor feets. $40+shipping

Handmade christmas stockings - $20 for red w/gold stars( ), $30 for custom, I can easily put whatever name you want on these as well

xbox 360 games bundle: Viva Pinata, TES: Oblivion, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Kameo: Elements of Power - Asking $65 for all of them, selling them individually and shipping them would cost more than id sell them for.

Toriko Part 1 $20 w/shipping
Dragonaut: The Resonance $20 w/shipping

I have a Universal Studios Harry Potter Marauders Map mug which sells on ebay for $36, never used, and I'm asking $25 including shipping.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Edition Blu-ray set - $55 w/shipping

Delicious mellow oolong tea - $12 for 2 cups of dry leaf. This will make several gallons of tea, as the leaves are meant to be steeped multiple times. 1/4 cup makes 4-6 Liters of tea depending on the strength you prefer.

I've had a lot of my few Nice Things reduced to much lesser function lately, so I'm selling things to hopefully put towards replacing them.

Alternately for some of the stuff im totally happy to take a trade if you buy me something that I need and give me enough so that I can ship your thing!

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    Hi there! Mind if I ask about how you stumbled onto my page? xD

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      Oh, and thanks for following~ :D

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      Thanks to Fauxlacine! I actually recalled the tendrils and this character, because it struck me as being very unique c:

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    GUESS WHO FINALLY GOT THE NAME SHADOWWOLF????????? (hint: it's me)

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    can i lick ur face

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      YES but only if i can lick urs back

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        ok i agree with these terms and conditions