Mayshroom Wood ear fungus by Mycotae

Mayshroom Wood ear fungus


30 May 2019 at 18:23:21 MDT

Auricularia auricula-judae, the wood ear or jelly ear fungus for Mayshroom.

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    I've never seen this before, what an unusual variety of mushroom! And of course you have made the most adorable little mushroom critter ever!!!

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      Thank you :D They're such awesome looking mushrooms, and edible! The texture is more... rubbery? than a lot of the other types of mushrooms, but they're popular in some cuisine! They're part of the cup fungi.

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        I showed this to a friend (who loved it by the way) and she wanted to ask, is this also called Chicken of the Forest or Chicken of the Trees?

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          Nope! Chicken of the woods is the Laetiporus sulphureus, also known as sulphur shelf- they're bright orange with a yellow rim, and are a polypore/shelf fungus! These are smaller and more cup-shaped, and... jelly-er, if that makes sense! Both are edible though :D

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            I wonder if I would like them! I'm not keen on the white ones at every grocery store but I've tried a few different mushrooms from the local farmer's market (morel and oyster I think?) which were pretty good. Supposedly Chicken of the Woods grows in my area but I've never seen it.

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              I find the white ones at the store kinda.... sad tbh! I love all the different flavors :D Morels are great, but the ones I love the best are the black trumpet! We found a flush of them last fall and mmmmm so delicious!

              I found my first ever one a few years ago at fall! They're very easy to spot on tree trunks because of their vibrant color!