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There's No Way, Chapter 59 by MviluUatusun (critique requested)

There's No Way, Chapter 59 (critique requested)


At the reception, Michael has conversations with several people including Amanda, the Padre, Mr. & Mrs. Fuchs, and Michelle's stepfather. Amanda is still upset that Michael was a bit remiss in his duties during the ceremony. We learn that the Padre's name is Bernard. Padre Bernard reveals that he is married and introduces Michael to his wife, Theresa. Theresa seems to be a bit scatterbrained and this worries Michael until the Padre explains that she's only like that in public. He also tells Michael that the Padres are trained in different marriage ceremonies. After the Padre leaves, Amanda returns just as Mr. Fuchs walks up and tells Michael that Ophelia has had a bit of a change of heart toward him but, she won't ask for his forgiveness until she's ready to ask him. Later, Michelle's stepfather, Henry Ingulule, meets Michael and tells him the whole story about Michelle's life as a kit and her eventual rape. Just before they leave on their honeymoon, Michelle throws her bouquet and Albert throws Michelle's garter. Not surprisingly, Amanda caught the bouquet and Michael caught the garter.